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  • Wang Yao

    Director General, IIGF.  Her interests are Low-carbon Economy, Climate Finance and Green Finance. She is also the author of Carbon Finance: Global Vision and Distribution in China (China Economic Publishing House, 2010), Climate Finance (China Econom...

  • Liu Qian

    Vice-Director General, IIGF. Liu has led and participated in several provincial and ministerial level research projects funded by UNDP, NSFC, NSSF, and some advice programs entrusted by enterprises and local governmental agencies. She has published h...

  • Shi Yingzhe

    Vice-Director General, (IIGF). He is an expert of Housing Policies and Market Regulation Research Council, Chinese Society for Urban Studies. Research areas: financial market and financial innovation, financial engineering, fixed income securities, b...

  • Shi Yichen

    Chair Professor, IIGF. He leads the research team of IIGF to develop new methodology of stress testing and finish "Research Report on Environmental Stress Testing of Asset Management Industry". He also leads the research team to develop the inno...

  • Xu Hongfeng

    Special Research Fellow, IIGF.   Her research areas include energy economy and energy geographical relationship. She has been the director of several research projects of the national level such as China's National Social Sciences Foundation...

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