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  • Green Bond Weekly: 5.3-11.3 一, IssuanceBond   nameIssue dateMaturity   (years)RatingCoupon rateBond typeGBAmount (RMB)18 Jin-mei Group GN00206/03/183,00AAA5,70Medium-term note210,0018 New Y108/03/183,00AAA5,96Corporate debt55... MORE

  • From March 5th to 6th, March 2018, Professor Wang Yao, General Director of the International Institute of Green Finance, Vice Director, Professor Shi Yi, Professor Shi Yingzhe, and Visiting Professor Liang Gang from the Central University o... MORE

  • On March 1, 2018, Director General of the International Institute of Green Finance. Professor Wang away, Vice-Director, Shi Yi Chen, Visiting Professor Liang Gangfu, and the Shenzhen Committee of green gold, went to inspect the Shenzhen Res... MORE

  •  一 Issuance Bond nameIssue dateMaturity (years)RatingCoupon rateBond typeGBAmount (RMB)18 Sangde CP00201/03/181,00 A-15,37Short-term financing bill210,00 18 Beijing Infrastructure Investment SCP00101/03/180,49 4,45Short-term finan... MORE

  • 一 IssuanceLabelled Green BondsBond   nameIssue dateMaturity   (years)RatingCoupon rateBond typeGBAmount (RMB)18 Yuexiu   Group GN00124/02/185,00AAA5,48Medium-term note320,00Total20,00Non-labelled Green BondsIssue dateMaturity... MORE

  • Indonesia's issuance of a green sovereign bond adds to the ongoing proliferation of green financing instruments globally; the Nordic green bond market is growing rapidly; and the Swiss exchange recently reached an agreement with the Cli... MORE

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