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About us

The International Institute of Green Finance (IIGF) of Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE), is the first international research institute in China whose goal is to promote the development of green finance. The IIGF grew out of the Research Center for Climate and Energy Finance (RCCEF), which was founded in September, 2011. RCCEF is one of the standing member of Green Finance Committee (GFC) of China Society of Finance and Banking and has an academic relationship with the Ministry of Finance. The IIGF aims to cultivate an economic, environmental, and social atmosphere with the spirit of green finance and to build the domestic and first-class world leading financial think tank with Chinese characteristics.


The IIGF follows the tenet of "Green win-win, Collaborative Innovation, Service to Society", adhering to the creed of "high-quality results, independent research, broad influence and public welfare education", through innovating the management mechanism, cultivating the direction of cross innovation, building the green finance discipline, setting up responsible personnel training in green finance, as well as cooperating with domestic and foreign strategic institutions , to build an innovative think tank with distinctive features. The IIGF attempts to serve China's future financial system and social development through exploration, theoretical research. and system construction.


Task and Mission

Research: Build and develop the discipline system of Green Finance, Climate Finance, Energy Finance and Pension Finance to form a unique research direction. Support frontier research, encourage interdisciplinary cooperation, motivate the team to apply for higher levels’ national or international research projects.


Consultation: Play a think tank role, provide policy suggestions to the government, offer valuable policy proposals and give practical and operational research services to financial institutions and enterprises.


Application: Promote innovation and practice of scientific achievements and open up a road that can transfer research outcomes to innovative financial products. Realize the innovative value of research achievements and help financial institutions and enterprises improve their innovation abilities.


Cultivation: With the long-term accumulated advantages of talent cultivated at the Central University of Finance and Economics, the IIGF works to develop a multi-level talent cultivation system, cultivate the direction of cross innovation, set up a high-level personnel training and incentive mechanism, and contribute to the transformation of China’s economic and social development.


Cooperation: Support cross-institution, cross-border, cross-sector multi directional communication in relevant fields including international universities, scientific institutions, governments, international organizations, multilateral, bilateral and global financial institutions, and multinational enterprises. Promote scholars and students in relevant fields to extend scientific research.


Communication: Through the formation of the publicity team and with the use of accurate and flexible means of communication and full media channels, disseminate the related excellent research outcomes in English and Chinese to the world, introduce and popularize the practice of China’s green finance abroad and domestically, and build the IIGF as an authoritative publicity export of China’s green finance.