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China Finance Green Gold Group Visits Guangzhou

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From March 5th to 6th, March 2018, Professor Wang Yao, General Director of the International Institute of Green Finance, Vice Director, Professor Shi Yi, Professor Shi Yingzhe, and Visiting Professor Liang Gang from the Central University of Finance and Economics, visited the Financial Office in Guangdong Province.


Guangdong Provincial government has recently announced the establishment of the Huadu Green Financial Area, an area north of Guangzhou, where companies are supported in their efforts to experiment with green finance. The IIGF have set up cooperation agreements with the local authorities concerning field research in the Guangdon, Hong Kong and Macau area. Chen Yuyu and Li Dandan of the Green Gold Institute were also present during the visit.


Delegations and experts from relevant units in Guangzhou


In the second symposium, the delegation and Yu Kunming, chief economist of the Guangdong Provincial Finance Office, representatives from government and regulatory agencies such as the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Environmental Protection Department, the People's Bank of China Guangzhou Branch, the Guangdong Banking Regulatory Bureau.


Zeng Yunmin, Guangdong Director of the Environment Center of the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, and Liu Yanchu, Deputy Director of the Economic Working Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee of Guangdong Province, conducted a Q&A sessions on ESG standards, information collection, credit system construction, and fundamental requirements for green refinancing.


Representatives of various organizational units introduced their progress in their respective green finance-fields, presented problems encountered, and discussed solutions to said problems.


Among the problems were issued with the financial and environmental protection work proposed by experts from the Environmental Protection Agency. They are difficult to combine and social capital is not included in the issues of environmental protection.



Delegation and experts from relevant units in Guangdong Province


In a third forum, the delegation and the Huadu District Committee of Guangzhou, Cai Jian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Group, Xu Rongya, Deputy Director of the District Reform Office, Guo Xiaopeng, and Hainan Hainan, Deputy Director of the Finance Bureau, conducted a question-session on the proposed green financial reform in the Huadu area. The district's promotion has been communicated and exchanged, and in-depth discussions have been carried out on issues such as the development of green financial cooperation in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau. The development of environmental equity pledged financing, rating of green projects, the construction of green industrial parks, and the talent introduction program was discussed in this session.



Delegates and experts from relevant institutions in Huadu


In the fourth forum, the delegation and Cao Jiezhen, chief economist of the Development and Reform Bureau of Huadu District, Deng Bo, deputy director of the SME Center of the Guangzhou Huadu Branch of the Bank of China, and Tian Yong, director of the Green Finance Promotion Office of the Huadu Branch of the China Construction Bank, Deputy General Manager of Hongli Zhihui Group Co., Ltd., Ding Feng, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Wang Yuefei, Director of the Comprehensive Affairs Department, and Cai Huazhang, Manager of Finance Department of Guangzhou Guoguang Intelligent Electronics Industry Park Co., Ltd. discussed topics ranging from preferential policies, carbon trading, green industry development and other related issues.



Delegates and experts from relevant institutions in Huadu


Before the fifth forum, the delegation rushed to Guangzhou Green Finance Street to visit the company and visited the enterprises to better understand the work being conducted around in the area. Afterwards, the delegation and the general manager of Guangzhou Huadu Fund Management Co., Ltd. Gong Zhengyi, Huang Zhizheng, deputy general manager of the financial department of Guangdong Green Finance Investment Holding Group, Chen Xilin, general manager of the innovation and R&D part of Daye Trust Company, and representatives of Guangzhou Green Finance Street Management Co., Ltd., engaged in in-depth exchanges on related issues such as the specification of green standards, definition of green industries, development of green trusts, and how to better utilize the advantages of the national green financial pilot zones.



Delegation and experts from Green Finance Street settled in the forum


All in all, the delegation conducted deeper exchanges with units at all levels in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City and Huadu District, deepening the understanding of the Green Finance development status in Guangdong, Guangzhou and Huadu's green finance, and further clarifying its position in Hong Kong and Macau, Dawan District. The role and positioning of green financial cooperation has laid a solid foundation for further deepening related cooperation in the future.