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China Finance Green Gold Group Visits Shenzhen

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On March 1, 2018, Director General of the International Institute of Green Finance. Professor Wang away, Vice-Director, Shi Yi Chen, Visiting Professor Liang Gangfu, and the Shenzhen Committee of green gold, went to inspect the Shenzhen Research Center dedicated to green finance.


The delegation furthermore included the People's Bank of China Shenzhen Branch, Shenzhen Financial Office, Shenzhen Banking Regulatory Bureau, Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau, Shenzhen Finance Association Green Finance Professional Committee, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Emissions Exchange, HSBC Bank, Industrial Bank Shenzhen Branch, Representatives of Shenzhen Gaoxin Investment Group Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Energy Group Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen is the third stop for the delegation in an effort to carry out field research on the topic of “Green Finance Cooperation in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao Bay Area".


The delegation first visited the Shenzhen Emissions Exchange. Mr. Ge Xingan, Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Green Finance Committee, President of the Emissions Exchange, and Jiang Yan, Director of the Research and Development Department, presented their research to the delegation.


Mr. Ge discussed progress and challenges in his work with green finance in Shenzhen. He noted the occurrence of bottlenecks in the process and suggested to deploy new mechanisms to handle these issues.




Delegation and experts from Shenzhen Emissions Exchange


Dr. Liuchuan Wei, director of the office, discussed cross-border RMB settlement WITH Dr. Murray's Financial Research (Hong Kong and Macau). Two symposiums were held with the financial regulatory authorities, financial institutions and non-financial companies.


At the first forum, relevant agencies presented different perspectives on green finance development, challenges encountered and future planning for the exchange. Representatives from Shenzhen Banking Regulatory Bureau pointed out the difficulty in the implementation of green finance lies in low yields and product innovations. Representatives from the Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau voiced opinions highlighting difficulties in raising green funds, and they hope that local governments will assist in guiding funds. Representatives of Shenzhen Financial Office introduced finding in the work with risk sharing of green credit.


Shenzhen Stock Exchange representative suggested that the catalogue of green bonds be regularly updated with the latest energy-saving and environmental protection industry info. On behalf of the People’s Bank, the Shenzhen authorities proposed to support green project financing in the next phase of work, which will be focused on asset disposal and cross-sector information exchange.


At the second forum, a representative from Industrial Bank Shenzhen Branch stated that the bank strongly supported energy-saving and environmental protection industries such as green buildings and new energy vehicles, and that green credit should receive appropriate preferential policies. Representatives from HSBC introduced the bank’s issuance in Hong Kong. Shenzhen Energy Group representatives recommended that the government should give more substantive preferential policies to green finance. Each participating units overseas representatives also discussed the issue of green bonds, green financing guarantees, carbon assets in a global context.




Delegation and experts from various institutions in Shenzhen


The visit to Shenzhen deepened the understanding of the Green Finance Institute's current status in Shenzhen and helped clarify the role of Shenzhen in the green financial cooperation in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macau in the Dawan District. Further cooperation by relevant agencies has laid a solid foundation.