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First National Highschool Green Finance Research Competition

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First National Highschool Green Finance Research Competition


Hosted by


Central University of Finance and Economics,  Green Finance International Institute 


Co-hosted by


Central University of Finance and Youth Green Finance International Research Association

Tsinghua University Accounting Association

Fudan University Money Management Association

Zhejiang University Investment Club

Xi'an Jiaotong University Economic Society

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics School of Economics and Management Student Union

South China University of Technology Financial Association

Student Union of the Faculty of Finance

University of International Business and Economics

Beijing Jiaotong University School of Management Students Science and Technology Association Shandong University Money Management Association

Capital University of Economics and Business Financial Engineering Association

Zhongnan University of Economics and Law FMA community

Nankai Institute of Finance Student Union

Sichuan University SCU Economics Society

Shanghai University of Finance and the Students Political College Student Union


Supported by:

China Finance Association Green Finance Committee
China Environmental Protection Industry Association
Tianfeng Securities Co., Ltd.
(names not listed in order)



Since the 13th Five-Year Plan period and the arising need of supply-side structural reform, China’s Green Finance has rapidly developed and flourished; 
and practices of green finance have been carried out in many dimensions. The “Guiding Opinions on Building a Green Financial System” was issued by the seven ministries and commissions towards the national financial work conference this year.
Pilot programs have been taken out on the national green finance reform and innovation area in five provinces (districts). China has become a leader in green finance – described as ‘Zero to Hero’.

It is important to advocate the concept of green finance to the broad masses of students according to local conditions and lead the youth forces to participate in green finance development with intelligence, innovation and practice.
On the basis of this ambitions, we will further promote the research on green finance and provide a solid theoretical foundation for the practice of green finance in our country and contribute to the strength of youth as important stakeholders of the society.


Competition Theme

The theme of this competition is: Transitional China's green finance innovation practice

This ‘transitional’ characteristics have two layers of interpretation:  On the one hand, the top-down development of green finance in China has entered the stage of local concrete implementation; on the other hand, the concept of green finance has transitioned from a mere ‘concept’ to the stage of real-life practice and implementation.


Topics include:


(1)The integration of green finance development

-  Green Development and Financial Technology

- How China leads the case studies of the green development of all countries along the Belt and Road

- How to attract foreign funds to invest in the development of domestic green finance


(2)Innovative Green Bonds

- Overseas Green Bond Market Development, Innovation and Enlightenment

- Comparative Analysis of Information Disclosure and Fund Use of Domestic and Foreign Green Bonds


(3) Green Energy Finance to achieve the path

- Specific Approaches and Case Studies on Promoting Clean Energy Cooperation along the Belt and a Road through Green Energy Finance

-  To promote China's energy structure through green energy finance ideas and policy recommendations

- domestic and international innovative green energy financial tools and product research


(4) Financing climate change Study on Climate Financing of the Paris Agreement after

- National carbon market construction and carbon finance innovation. The contestants must indicate their research direction in the registration form.


Competition rules


(1) The maximum number of each team is three, contestants cannot request to have members within the same school.

(2) This contest accepts individual registration.

(3) the contest organizers will publish the title race and race-related information on the official micro-channel public number, in the background can ask questions, contest organizers will hand to answer questions.

(4) Each team should fill in the application form as required and submit it within the stipulated time. The captain of the team should join the official WeChat Q & A group.

(5) Each team must submit the research outline within the stipulated time to ensure eligibility.

(6) Each team must complete the first draft of the research report according to the requirements of the competition and the format of the essay and upload it to the specified mailbox within the specified time. (If the work is not uploaded to the mailbox or the team according to the regulations, works that do not meet the requirements of the paper format, the organizers of the contest have the right to cancel their entries).

(7) Green finance-related experts as the preliminary judges According to the selection rules in all works selected 6 outstanding research results to participate in the finals.

(8) The organizers of the contest will allocate a green finance-related expert to each of the six teams entering the final to guide and complete the revision and improvement of the dissertation.

Selection rules


See attachment (click download attachment)




(1) Through the project team, the contestants can apply for reimbursement of the necessary costs in practice.

(2) First prize 1 group, received 10000 yuan research project funding; second prize 2 groups, received 5000 yuan cash prize research project funding; third prize 3 groups, received 2000 yuan cash prize research project funding.

(3) Submitted video and press release material that is selected as the best communication will be awarded a prize of 3000 yuan.

(4) Participating in the final team will receive the honor certificate and trophy provided by the contest organizer.

(5) All the winners will be included in the Green Finance Young Talents Program, so they can have the opportunity to get Green Finance Outstanding Youth Scholarship and related internship opportunities.

(6) The final participants will have the opportunity to enter the relevant research group of the International Institute of Green Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics.


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