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Green Stock index's of Shenzhen and Hong Kong - Research report

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Shenzhen Tong green leading stock index is a comprehensive method of green level of innovation and development in the Green Gold Institute to measure the listed companies, including listed companies qualitative indexes, three part of the quantitative indicators and negative environmental behavior.


The first part is a qualitative index similar to the international ESG index. In the "environmental dimension", we should further develop more indicators suitable for domestic enterprises to measure the green degree of the operation process of green production / value chain, resource saving and pollution control. The second part is the quantitative index, mainly measuring pollution emission, resource consumption and green income. The third part is the negative environmental behavior of the listed companies, including the negative environmental news of the enterprises and the environmental protection punishment of the government.


Therefore, a new method in the green gold institute can measure all the listed companies, and then provide the green level ranking, because if only pay attention to green income, green leading stock index samples will be limited, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 enterprises will be most not included in the index, the green level and enterprises not only have more income products a large proportion of income to measure its green, green supply chain and pollution control and negative environmental behavior and other processes, such as solar industry although the production of green products, but the production process has high pollution.


Main author

Shi Yichen, assistant dean and professor of Green Finance International Research Institute of Central University of Finance and Economics, director of green finance product innovation laboratory. The main research areas are corporate finance, capital market empirical, corporate social responsibility, portfolio and mutual fund, financial risk management, green finance. The courses were: financial management, corporate finance topics, financial risk management, derivative financial products, financial and financial practice research, business valuation analysis, stock market analysis, financial statement analysis, investment banking management, economics and statistics. The corporate social responsibility index (CSR) and green stock index (green stock index) have been compiled, and the environmental pressure test has been studied. She has published academic articles in Financial Management (Journal of the American Financial Management Association), Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting and Asia-Pacific Journal of, Asia-Pacific and other journals, and has been a peer reviewer of several international journals. Under his leadership, the green financial product innovation laboratory research team innovation "environmental pressure test" method, and applied in the asset management industry to form a "fund and insurance asset management industry environment pressure test report", in 2017 China finance green financial Specialized Committee will be released as one of the ten major achievements, and will be released in 2017 Chinese securities investment fund industry association annual. In addition, he led the green finance product innovation laboratory research team to develop and develop the green leading stock index methodology and released it in 2017 environmental protection industry investment and financing forum.


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