Chinese Version

China Energy Finance Development - Report (2017)

Time:2017-09-19 From: Author: Wang Jing, LvPinyi, and Tian Yuan

Effective financial support is crucial for realizing the replacement of fossil energy with clean energy and the clean utilization of traditional fossil fuels. This report analyzes China’s energy finance and showcases it as an example for the development of global green energy finance. The report points out several key research areas of domestic and international research on energy finance, including: theoretical research on energy finance; country-based, regional, and local research on energy finance; category-based research on energy finance; and research on energy efficiency finance.

The report recognizes current issues with energy finance research and proposes solutions to these shortcomings. These solutions include improving the theoretical discipline of energy finance, elaborating the development of China’s energy finance, sharing relevant strategies and policies for the development of China’s energy finance system, including typical and influential financial institutions in the discussion and knowledge sharing of China’s energy finance, exploring prospects for future development of China’s energy finance, and implementing specific policy suggestions to address these shortcomings.